Saturday, February 1, 2014


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1/31/14: Photo 31

Awesome view from The Eagle's Nest.  We had our date night dinner there.  A round restaurant on the top of they Regency Hyatt.  It spins so your view changes throughout the meal.

1/30/14: Photo 30

A nice note found in the bathroom during my night class at IUPUI

1/29/14: Photo 29

A pretty morning on my way to my internship

1/28/14: Photo 28

Had dinner with the girls tonight at Cerulean for Devour Downtown and finished the evening with drinks at Plat 99.

1/27/14: Photo 27

Turtle Power!

1/26/14: Photo 26

I'm still pretty worried about Pickles' lump. I hope this medicine is what she needs and makes it go away soon!

1/25/14: Photo 25

Laura's 31st birthday!!!  A big ass birthday card from my mom and a birthday jell-o shot to celebrate!

1/24/14: Photo 24

Has a sushi dinner with Laura and Marzena.  The Playboy Roll was my favorite.  Fun name, tasty, AND it comes on fire!  Fun night as we followed this up with drinks at a piano bar and then the Metro.

1/23/14: Photo 23

While I was in class tonight I got a text from Laura that Pickles seemed to be having an allergic reaction to something. She has a hard lump on the left side of her face and her chin is super duper saggy. She isn't having any other symptoms so I'm really not wanting to spend the money to take her to the vet ER so gave her some Benedryl and plan to get her to the vet tomorrow if it's still there. Luckily IPS is already delayed so that gives me some time.

1/22/14: Photo 22

Watching the testimony for and against HJR-3 and the vote on it. We sat uncomfortably to watch it live on the computer plugged into our sound system so we could actually hear it. Very disappointed in the outcome. However, I am very proud of the people, the huge variety of people that provided testimony opposing it and for the one representative who changed his mind on his vote after hearing testimony. While I am disappointed in the outcome, I am fired up to continue this fight as it heads to a house vote next.

1/21/14: Photo 21

Laura is a new great-aunt!  We met Micah for the first time today!

1/20/14: Photo 20

I got this rose as a door prize at karaoke the night before and brought it home for Laura.  It was soft/squishy and lit up.  Kinda weird/gross but fun/funny.  We watched The Bachelor this night so it was fun to play with during that.

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/19/14: Photo 19

Taking advantage that we don't have to work Monday (MLK Day) with some Sunday night karaoke at Zonie's Closet.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/18/14: Photo 18

An uncut guitar string.  Uncut and the only silver one because the original had to be replaced when my friend Jascha broke it playing my guitar at my birthday one year.  I love that it is unique because it is a nice reminder of him as he passed away this past year.

1/17/14: Photo 17

Concentrating hard separating the pipe cleaners by color before we made our magnet bottles.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/14: Photo 16

Today was supposed to be my last first class of the semester, but it was cancelled due to this snow. I'm glad b/c I got stuck in my apartment parking lot on my way to work, slid at every stop and turn on my way to work and back, and slid through a stop sign on my way home at the same time another car did (luckily I managed to stop half-way through b/c he didn't). I wasn't looking forward to attempting the interstate at rush hour considering all this and that they kept getting closed down due to wrecks. Yay to putting off starting classes for another week!

1/15/14: Photo 15

Gave Cy & Murray the monsters from their drawings and they loved them

1/14/14: Photo 14

Best friends

1/13/14: Photo 13

First day back at my internship and my first day in their usual elementary building.  Much better than the one they were in during the renovations!  This one has brighter colors and murals all over.