Saturday, February 1, 2014


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1/31/14: Photo 31

Awesome view from The Eagle's Nest.  We had our date night dinner there.  A round restaurant on the top of they Regency Hyatt.  It spins so your view changes throughout the meal.

1/30/14: Photo 30

A nice note found in the bathroom during my night class at IUPUI

1/29/14: Photo 29

A pretty morning on my way to my internship

1/28/14: Photo 28

Had dinner with the girls tonight at Cerulean for Devour Downtown and finished the evening with drinks at Plat 99.

1/27/14: Photo 27

Turtle Power!

1/26/14: Photo 26

I'm still pretty worried about Pickles' lump. I hope this medicine is what she needs and makes it go away soon!