Saturday, February 16, 2013

2/15/13: Photo 245

I went with my friend to pick up her new kitten.  It was quite content sleeping in my arms.

Friday, February 15, 2013

2/14/13: Photo 244

It was my night to bring food to class so I made dirt dessert

2/13/13: Photo 243

I love how the candle wax drips

2/12/13: Photo 242

I went to the animal shelter with my friend who was looking to get a cat

2/11/13: Photo 241

I wrote Valentine's cards to my little pen pals

2/10/13: Photo 240

My hair

2/9/13: Photo 239

Ordered Chinese delivery to celebrate the Chinese New Year

2/8/13: Photo 238

I'm not sure I want to reveal the secret of this picture

2/7/13: Photo 237

Raindrops on the car window.  Heidi and I (especially Heidi) had fun taking pics of this.

2/6/13: Photo 236

Just the day before I was thinking I NEED it to be spring.  The next day was sunny and relatively warm so I took Pickles on a walk in Crown Hill Cemetery.  I noticed these leaves that have been hanging on all through winter.  I guess if they can hang on, so can I.

2/5/13: Photo 235

I used a 365 Assignment facebook page theme today.  The theme was "glass"

2/4/13: Photo 234

Went to eat Thai with Jess and they gave us each an orange slice at the end of our meal.  You can't have an orange slice and not do this :)

2/3/13: Photo 233

Little Red Riding Hood

2/2/13: Photo 232

Made cookies for the Anne Heaton house show

2/1/13: Photo 231

Julie's pic was a part of her friend's art exhibit