Friday, March 22, 2013

3/21/13: Photo 279

Had a drink after class with my old roomie Heidi here at Revolucion.

3/20/13: Photo 278

I got to have dinner with my beautiful friend Lacey.  It was great to catch up with her and laugh until we cried.  The food was great too!

3/19/13: Photo 277

I thought I lost Pickles for a bit today.  This would have been the ultimate terrible thing on an already bad day.  Good news is she was just hiding under my bed and my day ended wonderfully.

3/18/13: Photo 276

My amazing friend gave me her groupon to have the inside of my care detailed.  We hung out all day while it was being done including lunch, a movie, and hanging out at her house for a bit where I got to love on this sweet guy.

3/17/13: Photo 275

Some Irish folklore for my own little St. Patty's Day celebration.

3/16/13: Photo 274

I finally got my green beer to celebrate St. Patty's Day!  Just one part of a really good night.

3/15/13: Photo 273

My coworker and I had lunch together and drank margaritas.  She came and visited Pickles after and made me a new "poem" with my romance novel magnetic poetry.  Gross.

3/14/13: Photo 272

Visited the Indiana Medical History Museum at the old state mental hospital with a friend today.  This was the autopsy room.

3/13/13: Photo 271

Saw Oz, The Great And Powerful in IMAX 3D tonight.  It was a good movie and a great night :)

3/12/13: Photo 270

Edith Ann, my mom's dog and Pickles' biological sister.  She loves me so much that she can't leave me alone when I am there.

3/11/13: Photo 269

So good to have my baby back.  Because I was gone overnight my mom took care of Pickles, but I had a busy week so the only time I had to take Pickles to her house was Monday so I was without her for a whole week.

3/10/13: Photo 268

Lake Michigan in Chicago

3/9/13: Photo 267

P!nk concert in Chicago

3/8/13: Photo 266


3/7/13: Photo 265

Sick and writing a research paper, what a terrible way to spend the day.

3/6/13: Photo 264

Hoping this is the last snow of the year.

3/5/13: Photo 263

Snowing on my way to class.  Then I got there and there were 3 people and the prof told us to go home.  Hey dude, next time, respond to everyone's emails and cancel class BEFORE we get there or are on our way!

3/4/13: Photo 262

I have all the American Girl dolls up to Kit, including the "me" doll.  My mom is getting her house ready to be sold so while cleaning she had them all lined up.  Some great memories looking at these :)

3/3/13: Photo 261

Front of my "everything" player.  It plays records, tapes, cds, radio, and has an aux cable.  Perfect for music-loving me.

3/2/13: Photo 260

All my mom's doxies are gone and it's back to just the 2 of us cuddling together.

3/1/13: Photo 259

Drag show at Talbott with Lacey and Marzena!  Love this pic!