Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

12/22/12: Photo 190

I bought myself a box of nice chocolates; Merry Christmas to me!

12/21/12: Photo 189

The first snow!  P has a pee pad on my balcony but it was covered and she did NOT want to go out there!

12/20/12: Photo 188

I love going to this Mexican restaurant!

12/19/12: Photo 187

Flowers from my current bouquet (I try to buy myself a bouquet of flowers regularly for my apartment)

12/18/12: Photo 186

Started wrapping Christmas presents!  Of course I very much love these gift bags I got; perfect for my family!

12/17/12: Photo 185

Had people over for a game night.  We played Dirty Minds, I made cookies with Andes mint chips in them, we had Christmas music playing in the background and classic Christmas movies playing on mute.

12/16/12: Photo 184

Making homemade Christmas gifts

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/15/12: Photo 183

Last night of Hanukkah

12/14/12: Photo 182

Candle making

12/13/12: Photo 181

Tonight I had Heidi over (she brought Winnie too) and I played Matisyahu's Happy Hanukkah and we danced to that.  Then we lit the menorah while playing the prayers on my computer (b/c I'm not Jewish and don't know how to read or speak Hebrew), then I read the prayers in English.  After that we made latkes and watched The Holiday.

12/12/12: Photo 180

Happy 5th night of Hanukkah

12/11/12: Photo 179

Happy Holidays!

12/10/12: Photo 178

Look at that smile!  I think Sam liked his balloons and turtle stuffed animal I brought him!

12/9/12: Photo 177

Happy 2nd night of Hanukkah

12/8/12: Photo 176

Put up my Christmas tree today.  This is an ornament I bought this year, all my other ornaments are old.  It's the first new ornament for my first tree in my new apartment.  Other than loving Disney it has significance because my first dog was named Gus after the mouse.

12/7/12: Photo 175

Now that my semester is over, Christmas cleaning begins!

12/6/12: Photo 174

Oh that look!

12/5/12: Photo 173

Finally done with my last paper!

12/4/12: Photo 172

While working on my papers I ate pizza rolls for almost every meal b/c they were quick and easy and wouldn't take much time from my work.  This meal was special though because I found 2 taquitos in the freezer too! :)

12/3/12: Photo 171

Almost done with my papers

12/2/12: Photo 170

Heidi got me this mug for my birthday.  When it is empty, they have clothes on.  When there is hot liquid in it, their clothes come off!  Heehee!

12/1/12: Photo 169

I spent about 2 weeks straight working on research papers for the end of the semester.  Pickles would bark at me a lot while I was working and I thought she wanted my attention to play with her, but whenever I would give in and take a break for her, she really just wanted to curl up in my lap!